In less than a year we have managed to change our working culture from throwing informations over the great wall between Dev and Ops to a failure tolerant, management accepted honored culture. We have enabled colleagues to unleash their bygone forgotten strengths.

We can show you how to create a cultural change from bottom up even in a large enterprise.

Furthermore we have proven that even in a conservative environment where no one believes in it, like in construction businesses, a cultural change from the inside of the IT department can happen.

Doing a change bottom up is a hard task. We have gone this way and we can show you that it is possible to reach the goal, how you are able to achieve it and that it’s worth it. It is a real life story - no glossy brochure, no marketing magic, just unvarnished trueness. We did it and you can do it too. Just do it. Eppur si muove!

See you at Bochum -